Family and community medicine is the medical specialty dedicated to the promotion and health care of the person, their family and their community, in a continuous and integral way, and considering all the biological, clinical and behavioural factors involved in the disease. The field of family medicine includes all ages, both sexes, each one of the organic systems and all the diseases and ailments, and its purpose is to provide preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical solutions in an efficient, accessible and close way.

The focus of the primary care physician (PCP) is holistic and longitudinal (throughout the life of the patient), focusing on the patient and its biopsychosocial conditioners as well as the disease per se. The community doctor strives to know the patient’s environment to identify risk factors to intervene, apply measures of health education, prevention and promotion of health.


  • Dr. Federico Cardona Rosselló


  • First contact with the patient (diagnosis and, if appropriate, referral to a specialist).
  • Referent for the patient’s health (prevention, health education, etc.).
  • Individual and family clinical care and follow-up throughout the life of the patient and his family.
  • Prevention programs (smoking, early detection of diseases, etc.).
  • Health promotion (consultations, visits and control examinations, etc.).
  • Etc.